Sarepy’s documentation


Welcome to Sarepy’s documentation about removing ring artifacts in tomography. This documentation is not only to explain functions used in the Sarepy package but also to cover the following topics:

  • Causes of ring artifacts.

  • Classification of ring artifacts.

  • How ring removal methods work; pros and cons of each method; how to use them efficiently; and how to improve them.

  • Applications of the methods.

Source code:

Author: Nghia Vo, NSLS-II, Brookhaven National Lab, US; Diamond Light Source, UK.

Keywords: Ring artifact removal, Tomography, Stripe artifacts, Tutorial.

Important notice

Starting 05/2021, methods in Sarepy have been integrated and developed further in the Algotom package, . Algotom (Ref. [3]) is a complete package for processing tomographic data. It is installable using Conda and Pip. Demonstrations of using different removal methods on challenging sinograms are shown here:


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